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Profit and Productivity

Operational Excellence

Cost Reduction

Process Optimisation 

In these challenging times do you need to:


Reduce waste, save cash?


Transform to a new way of operating?


Adjust your offering or process

to meet future customer needs?


Prepare your team to be future ready?


Getting Strategy right is the single most important step for an organisation wanting to be the best it can be. 

Our world is perhaps changed for ever and strategies need to change to reflect what customers will need and view as value today and un the future.

Use best practicve tools and methods to develop and clearly define your winning strategy.


When it comes to executing the Strategy having a complete implementation plan significantly increases the likelihood of success. 

Operational Excellence

So many organisations strive for Operational Excellence with many including it in their mission and values. However most struggle to define what it is. 

Being able to define and measure your Operational Excellence status and see what better looks like, will assist you to define and communicate what the next steps are and where the organisation needs to get to  be better than the competition.


A skilled workforce combined with an easy to use operational excellence system will provide significant competitive advantage.  


Capable People

Resistance to change is often sighted as one of the main reasons organisations fail to transform.   Some of the key reasons people resist change are lack of skills, fear of being exposed, lack of leadership commitment and fear of the unknown. 

Ensuring everyone, especially the leaders, in an organisation are skilled up and change enabled will go a long way to a successful transformation. 


Safety First

As leaders our first and most important responsibility is to create a strong safety culture where beliefs, practices, systems and attitudes lead to the right behaviours that will keep everyone safe.


Increased penalties, including prison time, for Boards, Leaders and Business Owners  means additional personal consequences if we ignore this responsibility.  

Productivity & Profit

To survive, Australian business needs to continuously improve and grow.  Failure to to optimise and focus on improving everything that impacts the customer or the organisations financial strength could be fatal when market shocks or disruptions are encountered. 


Environment &
Value Chain

Everyone can have a positive impact through reducing waste.   For Organisations there is a financial benefit in addition to a better relationship with customers, trading partners and employees. 


Governance and Risk

Governance and Risk Management may not be the most exciting aspects of your responsibility as a leader but they are essential to avoid serious brand or financial damage should a risk become an issue you are not prepared for. 


Innovation is the development and application of ideas that improve what can be achieved or how things are done. Innovation can help your business grow by improving product offerings, productivity and efficiency. An organisations ability to innovate and deliver that innovation will help it remain competitive and responsive to change. 



Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is receiving a lot of attention.  The attraction of having a scalable, automated process dealing with admin or other repetitive business processes is obvious when compared to human variability and costs.


It is important to remember the main difference between a poor manual process and a poor digital one is the latter will probably cost you a lot more. So your first step is to get your business process optimised before you automate.  Then it is important to select the right processes to automate.


At Lean Process Partners our focus is on helping you to succeed and be the best you can be. 

We have completed many successful business and organisational transformations and have decades of experience across a number of industries and sectors.  We have been there in public,  private and family businesses in Australia and overseas.  Our passion is to see our clients lift their performance to world class levels of operational excellence. It is all about putting you and your organisation in pole position to compete and win. 

We offer tailored solutions that maximise the benefit and return to your organisation while building your capability to sustain excellence.  At the core of our offering are Design Thinking, Lean and 6Sigma methodologies which when successfully applied are proven to deliver sustained competitive advantage.  

No two organisations are the same and one-size solutions won’t provide optimal outcomes for your organisation. That’s why we start with understanding where you are at and what challenges you face and need to solve.  We are well versed in many best practice/operational excellence methodologies and tailor a practical solution path that meets your needs. 

Get in touch

We would be very happy to talk to you, visit your organisation, or video call,  to understand and discuss any improvement needs you might have. 
No two organisations are the same and we pride ourselves in providing tailored solutions that succeed and are sustained.

We look forward to speaking to you

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