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Effective Design & Development

How are your Design and Development Teams performing?  

Are you experiencing slipping delivery dates, quality problems or cost blow outs?  Are designs optimal and meeting what your customer wants and needs?  

Successful Design Teams are more than just the people in the team. Clarity of roles, objectives and structures are important. Design processes, methods, tools, metrics and visual management are critical. 

Getting all these elements working together is fundamental to success and avoiding delays, cost blow outs and sub-optimal outputs. 



How we can help you

  • Product Development Systems Design and Improvement


  • New Product Introduction Planning


  • Product Life Cycle Management


  • DFMEA & PFMEA Training


  • Agile Team Visual Board Design 


  • Agile Team Effectiveness


  • Design for Manufacture Review


  • Lean Design


  • Design Workflow Streamlining


  • Design Team Performance Metrics


  • Operational Excellence for Design Teams

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