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Capable People

Whether you are undertaking a big change program in your organisation or just want to increase competitiveness and performance, it is essential to give your people the requisite skills, especially front line leaders.

Our training philosophy is to provide immediate opportunity to put into practice what you have just learned.  Learning can be applied to improving specific aspects in your organisation thus giving additional benefit beyond upskilling your team.

Our Training Programs

  • Lean Leadership 

  • Front Line Lean Leaders

  • Standard Leaders Work

  • Lean Tools

  • Continuous Improvement Tools

  • Managing with A3s

  • 6 Sigma Green, Yellow and Black Belt Training

  • Leading Change


In addition to training we provide coaches to assist Leaders and Front Line Managers to lift their skills and support them during significant times of organisational change. 

  • Lean Leader

  • Front Line Managers

  • Operation Leaders

  • Team leaders

  • C Suite Leaders

Lean Tools Training

  • A3 Problem Solving

  • See and Eliminate Waste

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • 5S

  • Quality Problem Solving

  • Kanban

  • Production Levelling

  • Lead Time Reduction

  • Creating Standard Work

  • Error Prevention

Skill up your teams to tackle waste, inefficiency, quality problems and reduce costs each and every day.

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